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  • distinctivedwellings
    Distinctive Dwellings
  • 1sharpfan
    1 Sharp Fan
  • acleanenvironment
    A Clean Environment
  • bearcreekfirearms
    Bear Creek Firearms
  • cedars
    Cedars on the Brazos
  • cumulus
    Cumulus Solutions
  • designandgrace
    Design & Grace
  • dfwnats
  • faatw
  • firstfunding
    First Funding Investments
  • grimstoneknives
    Grimstone Knives
  • hortamericas
    Hort Americas
  • hutto
    Heritage Retirement
  • meadowoaks
    Meadow Oaks
  • pronet

The 3 sets of 4 slides of the website images shown above represent just part of our total portfolio of current and former customers. You can click on each image to see an enlarged copy. To see a more complete gallery of customer websites, CLICK HERE. We proudly continue to add new snapshots. Our most recent design will always be the first one up.

Website Design

WHAM PRODUCTIONS LLC is a website design company dedicated to providing high end solutions for small businesses that could not otherwise afford them. If all your business needs is a few simple pages with static content, we can provide that. But if your business needs dynamic content, a content management system, and shopping carts, we can provide that also, and do it at a rate that falls within the budget of a small business.

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What is "Open Source?"

"OPEN SOURCE" Refers generally to...

...practices in production and development that promote access to the end product''s source materials. Some consider open source a philosophy, others consider it a pragmatic methodology. (source)

It is the fact that open source code is often freely available to whomever wants it which encourages this large community of developers - each learning from the efforts of his or her peers, and adding to the growing fund of programs, tweaks, hacks, and improvements.

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What is "CMS?"

CMS is the abbreviation for "Content Management System." So what does this mean to your business?

Back in the dark ages of the Internet (B2K, or "Before 2000"), unless a business had huge resources to invest, the information content of most websites was static. This means that each page was written as a complete HTML document by a programmer and uploaded to the website.

HTML is the acronym for Hypertext Markup Language, the basic language of the Internet, in which text is enclosed between tags which give format to that text. A simple example of this would be bolding text.This bold text would be formatted in HTML as <b>This bold text</b>.

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